Indeterminate Progress Bar help

It allows the UI to be updated and remain responsive. Remove that and the loop is too tight and the UI is non-responsive.

You would NOT use it if you had a Shell class with the DataAvailable and Completed events defined.

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DoEvents is evil :slight_smile:

Like „goto“ :joy:

DoEvents can destabilize your program. But it depends; there is no guarantee that it does.

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As I stated above - for procedural, functional, top-down code, it’s a necessity to keep your UI responsive. Just like when used in a Console app.

For OOP coding (such as using a Shell Class with te DataAvailable and Completed events), it can produce recursion issues - but the SHell class shouldn’t be blocking in that case.

And some of us old-timers still you GOTO with great success :stuck_out_tongue:

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