HTMLViewer: Xojo + JavaScript Communication

Yeah, we already determined that you must use the WebKit renderer for this functionality.

Are you saying it’s not possible at all with the IE-11 (native) renderer? I keep having to beat this stuff into submissison under Windows, I’ve been successful so far.

Am I 100% sure? No, as I haven’t tested it myself. Would I be surprised? No. This type of functionality isn’t easily achieved (and may not be possible in some cases) in the IExplore COM object on all supported versions of Windows, so it makes more sense to put it in a known environment.

Well, for my plan to retire my WebSocket Server to be possible, I would need this under Windows too, so I’ll keep looking into it. Just the other day, I found yet another setting that has to be correct under Windows for my WebSocket stuff, even only to to localhost, to have permission to work under Windows 10.

Well, I’ll keep trying and report back if it seems possible. I’ve somewhat rapidly put this small test together, errors in it are not excluded. :grin:

You can use it on Windows. You just switch the renderer to WebKit and do away with all of your workarounds that make the Native renderer limp along.

Doesn’t that add 100Mbytes to the executable?

It adds a number of support DLLs, yes, but 100MB in the modern age of computing is nothing especially for such a useful addition to your application that will save you many hours of pain. Especially once it’s all compressed by an installer.


OK, I give up. Looks like it’s not implemented.

But here’s a subsidiary question. With Safari development under Windows having ceased some years ago, who is doing WebKit development under Windows now? Is that Xojo?

Xojo’s Windows WebKit implementation is using the Chromium Embedded Framework. It’s an open source renderer that many popular browsers are built upon, including the new version of Microsoft’s Edge, Chrome, Brave, and many others.

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Ah, OK, thanks for that. I’ll think about whether to switch to that for Windows. It’s actually an extra 150Mbytes, but your point still stands since jousting with IE has actually been a pain.

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I ALWAYS use CEF instead of the alien systems of unknown results found in the machines. If just found the bug/inconsistency because I forgot doing so in my simple test.
100Kb is nothing for such benefit. To be true, I wish we had 3 options, Native, Webkit and CEF. And I wish CEF for using it ALWAYS in Mac, Windows and Linux for better consistency.

I have a Feedback Case for providing CEF on all platforms, but I’m not at my desk so I can’t grab the ID. You should do a search and add some points to it.


The problem is that I don’t believe in the points system of Xojo. Sometimes not in the feedback constantly closed without deeper examination, or whatever. PDF has been in the system for 10 years full of points.

While I understand your frustration, that’s the system we have currently for expressing such needs, and not participating in it is a sure fire way to make sure your needs aren’t met.

Either way, that’s a discussion for another topic.


If you find it any time later, call me here or pm, and I will add points just because you requested it and I am able to do so.

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Here you go! <>

Was 54th, now 35th.

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Now 34th.

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I just adjusted all the HTMLViewers in my app to use WebKit, and tried it under Win7/10. Huh - just as happened at first under 2020r1 under macOS, it looks like it can’t load local images.

Maybe this case will help? <>

I remember running in to this, but I can’t open my project right now to see exactly what I did in this particular scenario.