HTMLViewer.Renderer=Native shows webpages at 50% size on HiDPI Windows

Unfortunately the HTMLViewer shows webpages still at 50% size when compiling a HiDPI app on Windows. The bug report for this error is from 2016. :frowning:

I need this for showing a news window of my software. Switching to Webkit is no option for me, because it blows up the app size from a few MB to about 120 and I am developing only a small compression tool.

Is there a change that this can be fixed soon? Because I can control the HTML in the viewer I could use a css solution to make the website scale in 200% what will hopefully be 100% on Windows HiDPI.

Has someone come across this bug and has a non Webkit solution? Maybe from MBS plugins etc.

Yup - that’s a massive overkill just to display some HTML content properly in HiDPI enabled Windows applications.

UserGuide: HiDPI Support:

[quote]Windows HiDPI Known Issues
HTMLViewer is not scaled on HiDPI screens.[/quote]

This is not entirely true… You can get HTMLViewer with Renderer: Native to show content with proper HiDPI scaling.

The workaround is to set the following Registry Value for the application (before first instantiating a HTMLViewer):

HKCU\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Main\\FeatureControl\\FEATURE_96DPI_PIXEL MyAppName.exe = 1

I’ve added this information to <> along with an example project and ScreenShots.
Maybe Xojo will at least add that information to the HTMLViewer Documentation.

I don’t know what will happen on Windows 7/8/8.1… if someone cares to test, thanks :wink:

I’ve just tried that quickly. Seems to works just fine and as expected with Windows 7 (150%) and Windows 8.1 (200%).