How to set Font Size without using a WebStyle

Agreed, but the point of the web framework is to abstract users from the need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a backend language like PHP. Once you start modifying other properties that the IDE isn’t designed for, control dimensions and positions no longer “just work”. If you want that level of control, you ought to be using the WebSDK.

Yes, unfortunately a fundamental design flaw in the original framework meant that there was a whole class of things that users couldn’t override even with a WebStyle because of specificity issues. Applying !important to user WebStyles was the only solution that worked consistently across all controls and browsers. It is a great example of why we tell users not to hack the DOM. This one broke the CSS hacks of quite a few people.

Yes, you can do whatever you like in your equivalent of the routine that constructs the CSS in my example… so you could read a file of CSS and put it in to the CSS string

Hi Greg,
I agree with your clarifications and I’m aware of the limitations of the actual framework.

I’m using all of your suggestions i.e. WebSDK for custom controls and any other useful trick (for example WebPageSource) to overcome the limits of the framework.

Modifying the DOM is in some cases the only solution (for my knowledge).
The new tag that can be added to textfields is something in this direction.
Of course you must know HTML and CSS to use these “advanced features” if you need something not included in the framework.
Abstraction is great but must not be a limit that can’t be bypassed.

As an example of something similar, not web related, is the Declare statement used to overcome framework’s limits or to add features.

Please, when possibile try to add some changes so users willing to have more control (and responsability) can do something more.

Best regards.

That’s what the WebSDK is for… and HandleSpecialUrl and HandleURL.

As stated before, I’m using them…

I hope this fundamental design flaw in the original framework won’t last forever…