How to include Method

How can I get them on window 2?

you need a reference to windows 2, you could store the window 2 obj as property in window 1 if you open it.
in window 2 you can add a public method

[code]Public Sub Data(d as String)

End Sub
in window 1 you can call it Self.Window2Property.Data(data)

Do I call this(WindowProperty.Data(data)) on a property in Window1?

This is my Window2. I don’t see nothing in TextArea20. I read all in Window1. I follow your tips, ma nothing

if you open window 2

Self.OtherWIndow = New Window2 Self.OtherWIndow.MainWindow = Self Self.OtherWIndow.Show

then its
Dim data as String = Me.ReadAll

i thought your would share the com object in window 1, why you have serial obj also in window 2?

@Markus Rauch So Serial1 only goes to window1?

The first point I don’t understand

i thought your intent was using only one com object and share this connection. not?

I choose the COM in window1 and I don’t have to repeat it in window2

and how about select the com port only in window 1 and use the serial connection only in window 2?
do you need to send data from window1 and window2 via the same com port or is the window1 more a configuration settings.

For i As Integer = 0 To SerialDevice.LastIndex PopupMenu1.AddRow(SerialDevice.At(i).Name) Next

I need both windows

then i think a extra serial connection in window2 to the same port make no sense.

Yes, I would like so. I choose the COM from window1, when I click a button the second window opens and I get the 4 keys that I write to the device via serial and it works. When the device replies, it replies on the TextArea of window1 and not of window2. Because?

search for your textarea name in xojo ide, u will find all occurrences. then you can click it and jump to this row.
i guess after a event u read this data from com object and copy the result in this textarea in window 1.
u need a reference to your window 2 in window 1 so you can reach public methods and ui elements there.

without references u could use the event system.

I only have to write on the TextArea of Window2 the value I receive when I click the ON button of Window2. What should I do?

store a reference to window2 if you open it then you can access the ui elements or methods.
what kind of device do you control? a microcontroller board?

Yes, I control a microcontroller board this is my problem:

I want to see da in f2

That value from must go in the text area of f2, please help me that I don’t know what to do anymore

We don’t know how to help you without code. You need to do more learning about how to move information from one window to another. Markus Rauch explained a lot. But you don’t understand what he says because your knowledge about Xojo isn’t there.

its continued in other thread.