How to fix canvas flicker in Windows 7/8/10?

[quote=377418:@Mikael Guss]Hey all.
Excuse me for my bad English (Swedish). I have big problems with “flickering” when I compile my code to windows (develops on mac). I think about to switch back to Visual Studio because my program gets really bad. It’s not just canvas, it is when I press Tab between text boxes, Labels blinks, Listbox flashes when I double-click them… Will there be any correction on that? Doing a “work around” to reduce problems is not a solution good solution.


MIchel, don’t worry about the windows flicker too much if you are going to use 2018r1 because any changes you make now will be pointless when you use 2018r1 as Xojo has done a lot of work to fix the problems you’re experiencing. However, if you are planning to use an older version, do a search on my account and look at some of the posts I have made in the past about fixing the problems you’re having.

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