How to access SQLite from Raspi on a Raspi or from Windows on a Raspi - Read Only

The clean way would be to establish a middle tier on the raspi, that is a webservice which can read from and write to the sqlite database.

Much faster to implement would be to install Cubesql server on the raspi.

If you operate it with raspbian, a debian based linux system, then you can handle it like any Ubuntu server.

The cubesql installation instructions for linux can be applied to the raspi as well.

Cubesql of is the multiuser version of sqlite. In your code you mainly have to change the connection type and code, otherwise it is probably the same (don’t know your code…)

why do you need to install the CubeSQL on the raspi???
i thought you install CUbeSQL on a machine that is going to be share with the different raspi

Tim Seyfarth wrote: “The issue is, all of the data is collected and maintained on the pi. So if a server is required, it must be on the pi.”

But yes, I would set up a database server on a more powerful pc in the network and access it from all other devices.

But if the requirements are to keep everything on the raspi, then cubesql would be the easiest way to go, imho.

can other raspi be able access the CubeSQL from the main raspi??

Like others, I suggest a standalone web app running a web service on the Pi. You can call the web service and have it grab the data from SQLite, package it as JSON and send it back.

The EddiesWebService shows one way you could do this:

Also these blog posts might be helpful:

yes of course

You can also use SQLite Valentina Server.

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