How scary is moving from 2019 R1.1 to the 2021 R1

I also don’t support “workarounds” instead of fixes, and normalize substitution of missing, broken or incomplete components with 3rd party options. 3rd party options must be used just to gain specific and advanced features, not basic ones.


Other developement tools are more expensive and I have had no problem paying for them, these are tools for work so expect to pay for your tools. We have been spoiled by the Open Source movement but personally I have no problem paying for the tools I use (as long as they actually do what they claim they do).


There is no escaping JS and CSS when working with the web. We don’t need to be experts but we do need basic knowledge.


Actually, for SPAs, there is.

SPA’s without touching JS? I’m not claiming it’s not possible but I’ve yet to grasp how that could be done

It amazes me that people that want to create webapps, is not willing to touch some of the underlaying tech, why would you not do that.

Seems to me that is beleiving in utopia


Using a language and framework so complete in features that transpiles/translates your definitions and code to HTML5 CSS and JS in realtime solves that. This thing exists and is supported by large corporations.

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THE same reason why people want to use Xojo desktop instead of having to know the API’s for each platform Xojo supports maybe?



but is that really how it is? You never need anything platform specific?

You can mostly get away with that on desktop thanks to Christian. Not knowing CSS and Javascript is just a bad idea for Web.


Very seldom and in that case I either find a declare someone has written and shared, or use a plugin (though I do that latter very sparingly)

For most basic business type stuff not so in my experience… but I mostly don’t do things with very demanding UIs. That said I do use some plugins for zipping, PDFs and Charting/Graphing mainly.

Anyway this getting off topic as this thread is about web.


I have spent a lot of money on free open source tools. I have also made a lot of money from them, so I’m not complaining. “Free” is a myth.


From Xojo’s website:

Use one powerful language to create your web app instead of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, or AJAX, saving you tons of development time.

So …

Say it ain’t so … :scream:


You are right, free is a myth. I should have posted: We have been spoiled by the promise of free stuff from the Open Source movement :wink:

With Web 1.0, it was possible to develop a Web App with just writing Xojo code.

Web 2.0 introduced new functionalities. Of one wants to use them, he may need to dig into other territories. You can do a lot learning CSS for example. Creating JS code was also possible with Web 1.0

Web is a different animal than Desktop. Desktop is easier, but if one wants to develop an App to run in MacOS and has never used a Mac before, he will have to learn something. The same is true with Web 2.0

As someone who has created his first web site back 1996, I have experimented with several web technologies along time. None of them is perfect of quite complete. As a result, one ends up mixing HTML, CSS, Php, Javascript, and the occasional Perl script. Talking about fragmentation…

Xojo Web 1 and 2 are not centered on people like me, but rather, on users of Xojo who came from Desktop, and want to port their code to the Web, or explore without having to learn all the under the hood intricacies. IMO, they succeeded providing a pretty good tool. Getting results in a matter of hours rather than days is a pretty impressive feast.

Of course, as the developer ambition grows, he or she will start looking into some CSS or Javascript to get there, just like Desktop developers quickly discover declares or plugins.

The nice thing about Xojo is the relatively smooth learning curve.


I was going to but I can’t as its been hidden/deleted.

One could say the same about desktop and people not wanting to touch declares but I know that some people who use Xojo either don’t know they exist or don’t want to look behind the curtain, which could be said about using xojo web. Because someone can drive a car and change their washer fluid doesn’t mean they want to get their hands dirty under the hood.

If something offered by xojo needs you to learn another language then what they offer doesn’t satisfy their target markets needs and should be tweaked until it does.

As for the OPs question, I would do some testing on a few key pages/features and see how it goes as there’s no list of current showstoppers until you hit one and start searching the forum/feedback.


It was in the Testers category. I’ve now moved it to Web.


When was the last time you touched some assembler, Hardware interruptions, etc for a desktop app?

No touching the “underlaying tech” is called high-level language and that is what xojo promissed. Not being able to deliver their promisses is a different thing. :roll_eyes:


ok :roll_eyes: