HL7 Interfaces

William, I also have to implement some basic messages, not the hole standard.
Do you have conditions to share some of your modules where you parse and generate some message to use is as a guide ?
Everything I could added to your work I will also share to the community.
We could implement a Git proyect in order to share the knowledge and the work of everyone.

Sounds like a worthwhile project. It’s been years since I started playing with HL7 and there is still nothing available that’s “plug-n-play” so to speak, even though Mirth being open (I assume it’s still “free”, haven’t looked at it in a long time) it is not easy to implement. Basically HL7 is a big string. Each Segment is composed of X number of components. Components can have Y number of fields. There are some control/formatting rules and there are instances where it can get really complicated but I’ve never had the misfortune to have to use those. We’ve embedded images, PDF’s, etc., and most of that can be done with Base 64 encoding. For some cases we just embed a path to an image or PDF and send the files to agreed upon network folders. File dops with SFTP access has been used, sometimes we just poll a folder looking fro new files, all depends on the clients abilities, needs, and resources. We remain non-commital in our approach so as to be as flexible as possible for the client…“you want what?!..sure, we can do that”.

I think something like this needs good upfront planning to prevent bogging down. Perhaps we could form a small group of interested developers and design a framework for action. Gosh, already sounding like a micro-manager…sorry.

It sound more then reasonable William.
Small group of interested developers, upfront planning setting goals and milestones.
If so I will like to participate.

Something was attempted like this on the FileMaker forum a few years back. I joined and never heard from them again. Everyone, especially developer types, can have pretty wierd agendas. Perhaps the first critical thing to do is to design an appropriate online access point (forum, blog, private website, etc., not too up on this kind of thing) where members can meet, discuss, plan, delegate, submit code. How do groups responsible for code projects like OpenOffice, MySQL, etc., do it? At least in operational structure? I think my initial concern would be structure. I would like to see something go to fruition rather than drift off into cyberspace after a year of work.

Just some random thoughts:

  • What is the overall task?
  • What is the desired enpoint? The goal?
  • What is the basic framework of operations? There should be limits/rules such as “only Xojo code”, etc.
  • Who will police copyright / originality / useability of code? And how?
  • Tasks: creating an overall design of attack, identifying modules and delegating/volunteering to work on one, coordinating integration, i.e., making code modules work together (when written by different developers)…glue, etc., etc.
  • When do we know we’re done? What do we do with it then?

Sounds like a lot of work; I’m sure my thoughts here are amateurish, my first go at something like this. But without good planning and structure with proper oversight it will probably end up in cyberspace.


Was this group ever created? Where can I join?

I am tasked with uploading COVID reports to an EMS that uses HL7 CDA as its interface.

They provide a test environment, and the data format is fairly static.

Is there someone here who could assist me getting this working? I’m starting at zero here. Feeling a bit lost. You’ll be compensated, of course.