Hide a TabPanel tab at runtime

Probably I could my the version of Trixi’s TabPanels available that has this feature. Let me check tomorrow.

@Beatrix Willius - are you willing to share some details about your own “Trixi TabPanels” I am looking for something nicer than the generic one for windows.

There is a way :

  • put the TabPanel in a Control Set
  • Create a new member (1)
  • Hide member zero
  • Remove the tab you want to hide

To unhide the tab,

  • Close member 1
  • Unhide member zero

yes, this will work, but there is always a good reason not to do so.
I am having a quite big desktop project which has an awful lot of containercontrols etc. It get’s quite big and complex if you implement controls this way.

I will try to make the code presentable over the weekend. Send me a mail if I forget.

@Beatrix Willius - THANKS !

@Michel Bujardet - That was a great suggestion - just what I was looking - thanks

Seems like a lot of work to just hide a tab?

Individual tabs in a tabpanel cannot be hidden. This is a workaround.