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Well I used H&M about 8 years ago, version 4 and 5. I keep an eye on them and am surprised how nice responsive websites they generate and how complete and modern their multiuser IDE is. Once it’s opportune I would sure consider H&M, meanwhile version 7, again.

I use version 6.5. I tried version 7, but didn’t like some of the changes, but it was more of being used to the old version than anything wrong with the new version. Sure, .CHM files on Windows and Apple Help is “better” but when you are trying to maintain code, docs, and packaging for 2 platforms and looking at a third, anything you can do to cut down on the work is welcomed. Having to maintain just one set of help files fits this approach.

HTML files can be turned into Apple Help pretty quick. From my early research for Answers I recall HTML can be turned into CHM. There were so little details on how to do it without a packaging tool though, so I put it onto low priority because I wanted to get Answers released.

[quote=230293:@Jeff Tullin]It can’t create a PDF version even in the Pro (paid) edition.
You can’t search the contents in a deployed document.
(And I cant even find a way to use the images I dragged into media… the ‘insert’ option is empty)[/quote]
Answers wasn’t designed to create PDFs, sorry :frowning:
I’ve been pondering searching, but with static HTML files it would be a very invasive javascript function. It has been asked for numerous times, and I am contemplating the best way to implement it; but I don’t have any kind of when it will be ready date.
The images issue I’d like to sort out. If you have free time, shoot me an email please :slight_smile:
(You can just drag and drop images from your Desktop into the editor when you’re writing too! ((thanks to HTML Edit ;)))

No need to apologise.
What it does it does nicely and you cant complain about the price… :slight_smile:

I’ll pm with my impression of the images thing.

Thanks, Tim. CHM is not a problem, H&M will churn that out with a click of a button, that is what is in our old VB6 versions. Is there an app or tool that will do the HTML to Apple Help conversion? That might be worth investigating.

Apple seems to make things more and more difficult. It used to come in the extra tools package with the old way of installing Xcode. If you have it, you’ll find it in /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Help

Otherwise, see

Thanks. It is not in my XCode directory as you thought, so I’ll look at the other location.