Hello Again - A second look at Xojo

PHP may be oldfashined, for sure not more than Xojo is. Node and Javascript is definitely not outdated :smiley: The ecosystem is so vast and still growing.

Go is nice, but hard to learn, if you come from the high convenience and simplicity level the Xojo language provide.

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Well internet hype is going fast, ruby then angular for example are things that were current hype years ago,
I’m not saying that JS itself is outdated, it’s here forever, but JS is not a backend langauge. Rust and golang are. Rust is harder, golang make its easier

Even the creator of nodejs made a new backend. Nodejs is hard to debug, slow on concurrencies load.
Yes node is used in front too, more accurate use

Oh I have nothing to do with the project. I’ve just used it in the past.

True. Yet, there is another Basic around under Windows which generates iOS executables by using a remote Mac compiler. The publisher provides the remote compiler service, but a developer with a Mac can also compile over the local network. So the need to compile on Mac can be worked around for Windows users.

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That’s certainly a choice a company could make but in that scenario, for instance, you couldn’t compile for iOS without an internet connection. That’s not an end to end solution.

Unless living in the middle of nowhere, Internet is today widely available. For iOS it is pretty much a given.

As I said in my latest post, I have been programming apps for ios for years from windows, with a MAC in the same LAN used only for the remote compilation. those other tools that offer the remote service over the internet for those who doesnt own a mac, also provide a remote compiling for macs in the same LAN. NO INTERNET NEEDED

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After a disappointing experience from Xojo iOS back in 2015 (much too green then), I turned to the same publisher I had used for my Android apps.

Indeed their solution also comes with the remote compiler for a local Mac.

In the end, what counts is to be able to produce good quality apps that sell well.

Performance issues of list box are probably desktop list box versus weblistbox.