with slashes change

Allowing slashes in file names should not be considered safe anyway; I think users must be prevented to use them in mac OS at all.

Imagine this setup in a random user’s system:
1: /users/john/folder/
2: /users/john/folder/name
3: /users/john/folder/name

“John” has a folder named “folder” in his “home” folder (1). In this folder, he has a file (or folder) named “name” (2).
In his home folder, he has created a file (or folder) named “folder/name”, since it’s just doable (3).

How can you (and Xojo, the file system and Mac OS) distinguish between (2) and (3) as they share the same path?
I’d even guess this leads to some bugs, like you move (3) somewhere and (2) is moved there instead. To be avoided like the plague in the first place! (then, if avoided as it should, you don’t have to wonder how to deal with this)…

Others persons answered for me, as the problem is a character used in the Path, we speak about path.

Maybe a solution to apple would have been to ReplaceAll the “/” by “:” in every filename when the user update his system (when they did this change).

I answer as I’m interested in the problem. If I well understood, the REAL NAME of the file is with a colon “:” right ?
The Finder replace it by a slash “/” when it display it right ? And when we rename a file in the Finder “Ghy/63” the Finder correct it for us and rename the file “Ghy:63”.
I have no Windows here, I would like to put a file named “Ghy/63” on a USB stick and plug it on a Windows computer to see the name.

Naming on Windows is even worse… You can barely use the 26 letters in file names there…
At least, you can’t use / or : in file names on Windows.