Extracting detailed file info (Mac OS X)

MDItemMBS class is a great way to get metadata from files using system importers:

We also have classes like CGImageSourceMBS which can help to read IPTC, EXIF and GPS data from images:

Same for AVAssetMBS which helps for reading metadata from video files:

open source command line tool :
works for video tags too.

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Here is that old Project with id3
(made for OSX)

no Mackeeper, no virus…

All I wanted was a simple way to parse ID3v2.x headers cross-platform…

I’ll write them myself I guess… not going to include plugins or code that I have no control over…

Its NOT that complicated, its just the available documenation is written to make it seem so… (ie. not written well)

You can find Id3V2Reader and Id3V2Writer (Xojo Code by RobertG) here

Thanks, I think I have a working routine that reads
ID3v1 and 1.1, ID3v2.2, 2.3 and 2.4