EndofLine versus chr(13) problem

Open the constant editor and press the Tab key once to insert a tab.

that was awkward, but it did work (I didn’t think it would)
you have to create a constant, tell it that its a STRING (normally it guesses),
click on the 3 little dots that appear (AFTER you say its a string)
Press TAB, then click OK

Another way it to enter &u0009 and change the type FROM String to NUMBER
yeah… it does work as a string. I tried it :slight_smile:

A number! That was the trick I was forgetting.

FYI, in code, &u#### will statically insert the Unicode code point ####. In Dave’s example, &u9 will define Unicode code point 9, or the Tab.

Thank you very much for your help - actually, setting a tab as a constant has caused me problems since back in the RealBasic days, but I’ve never really tried to get to the bottom of it before. Cheers!