Easy solution to malformed SQLite databases

[quote=412770:@Ralph Alvy]Have you tried this one:


They offer a free trial download that can at least let you see if it can preview the data. It just won’t let you save to a new database.[/quote]
The reason i cited that one is that they claim it can repair header corruption.

I do that too in 2013, and not long after the client ask some more Columns, so I added then, and in the same time I exported the db file contents from the REALSQLite format and import them into the brand new SQLite file format. I never had troubles with the db file in the last five years.

How many file operations your DB File have ?
Read: https://sqlite.org/fileformat.html
–> The Database Header
–> [24] File change counter.

[quote=412834:@Craig Grech]That’s reassuring.
Just trying to eliminate all possibilities.[/quote]
As I said before, the best place to ask and have answered questions about SQLite is on the SQLite Users’ Mailing List:

See: http://mailinglists.sqlite.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/sqlite-users