DesktopHTMLViewer can't use Native in 2021r3?

The orphan process must auto-quit. If you run your app again, it should create a new one working ok, the abandoned one should die as soon as it realizes it’s orphaned.

The case that it was listed as fixed was <>

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It looks like this is a CEF issue as the fix that was implemented was to update the version of CEF. Sounds like they need to do some more on the subprocess to ensure this functions correctly, and there may not be much Xojo can do beyond open a case. 2021R3 did include another CEF update, and that may have fixed even the scenario I saw. Unfortunately I don’t have time at the moment to replicate the conditions or dig through CEF change logs.

It was fixed that time, and Stephane confirmed. If it came back, it’s a regression.

And it may also be an entirely separate path to the same issue.

Behavior regression, don’t need to be exactly the previous code causing the bug. The bug effect persists (not tested, just believing in your observation).

WebView2 Runtime will be installed on most PCs already (Since last march is installed automatically via windows update) For those few who disable updates, it is just a fast install that the app can do when it first opens and the component is not installed. They just didnt read the MS documentation or didnt want to make the effort to implement it.

Almost 100Mb added to an already bloatted runtime to have a buggy CEF… wow

Instead of having reasons to renew, looks like each release lacks more and more quality and functionality :neutral_face:

WebView2 is already available via WebView2ControlMBS and DesktopWebView2ControlMBS in MBS Plugins. Enjoy!

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