Creating an updater

For me it is mainly for these reasons:

  • because it provides an additional level of security
  • because then I do not have to maintain two versions with different behavior and different file locations
  • I do not have to do testing for two versions of basically the same app

This has been discussed here earlier on:

… and also because I expect Apple to develop OSX more and more in direction of iOS type of security features, so sandbox will most likely be standard and not just an option. Making my apps sandbox-savvy now, will save me some work in the future and helps me to get acquainted with the sandbox concept and its requirements.

Well, technically you can simply swap out Sparkle framework with a newer version using XPC service.

I found an RB Updater on SourceForge a while back but never tried it. Link

Because of things like this that are coming

If they keep making sandboxing more restrictive soon software will stop being innovative.