Continued Mac App Store Receipt Verification Woes

I have done that for many years outside the Mac App Store, effectively.

for those who own a MBS licence, there are StoreKit classes
I do . This sounds promising

Apple wont give you any infos about the customers, but you can do the same as the „big players“: make an account on your website required to use the software….

I can’t see Apple allowing a small developer to sell an app that has no functionality, without a registration on your website. Unlocking additional functions, I can see.

Most developers are prohibited from distributing an app that doesn’t do anything until it’s been registered. Big brand companies can do this because they’re more equal than indie developers. Bigger companies even have an App Store handler to help them through the process. The rest of us are just there to increase the numbers.

If Xojo could care enough to expose the functions in the included libCrypto, you wouldn’t need to add an additional copy to your application.

Two things.

  1. App Store receipt verification is required even for FREE apps, you can be rejected for not doing it properly.
  2. Currently you are not allowed to use an external payment system or serial numbers. However that might be changing now that Apple’s anti-steering rules have been found in violation of California law.

Consider the App Store an alternative sales channel, the main advantage of having your application on the Mac App Store is for people who use the Mac App Store search to find apps.

You’ll need a marketing plan to get people to download your application, so that it can appear in a top 10 chart, where browsing customers may find it. You can also apply to Apple to promote your application, but personally I’ve never been “chosen”. In contrast, before the App Store, Ohanaware apps were often featured on the Apple “Downloads” site.

Many and I do many indie developers find the Mac App Store not worth the effort. Hence why it’s chock full of old outdated apps.


Unfortunately, half of this particular app’s revenue comes from the Mac App Store, so I still have to deal with it.

So, I’m trying the TestFlight thing, but I can’t get TestFlight to see the latest build of this app as anything other than “Not Available for Testing”. I have a suspicion I’m doing wrong with entitlements, but I haven’t quite figured out what.

I need to do this right, but I’m so tempted to just try getting it through review without really testing the receipt thing. :rage: