Container Control

[quote]Markus Rauch 11 hours ago Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Europe / Germany
Edited 11 hours ago
here is my video about container control with label and textfield.
unfortunately there is no preview in the designer after you set own properties.
in the middle of the video i try to set a caption width so if you have many controls in a column you can change the label width.
btw from source code you can access the inner controls like this
ContainerControl11.TextField1.Value = “Hello”[/quote]

Thanks Markus: excellent example, which is very close to what I thought.

[quote]Paul Lefebvre 10 hours ago Xojo Inc, Third Party Store

Here’s the User Guide topic with videos for reference: [/quote]

Thanks Paul, I had not yet read that passage in the guide: illuminating!

[quote]Michel Bujardet 10 hours ago Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro

@Nedi Freguglia I would like to modify the properties of both the controls that are in the container, as they where dragged from the library onto the window.
See the thread “User Input Controls should have Captions instead of Labels” of three days ago (I don’t know how link it here!)
Perhaps what you need is not a container control, but subclasses.[/quote]

Yes, Michel, you are right. To do exactly what I thought I should be able to create a subclass of two distinct superclasses. I do not think it is possible…

Thank you all: you are fantastic!

It always helps to try and write down a “shopping list” of the features you want.

So far, what you want to do remains kind of foggy.

When you start writing down exactly what you want to achieve, chances are forum members will be able to assist.

Hi Michel,
I thought I was clear enough, but evidently it wasn’t. Anyway my idea was to create a custom control with a textfield and a label, having the possibility to modify the properties of these two controls in the designer (position, width, text and so on).
I realize, however, that this is not possible (at least so I understand)

it is - you just wont see the changes IN the IDE