Check in here

I just did the same. Talking to a few guests who have already arrived, it looks like the Wi-Fi situation is hit-or-miss. Wi-Fi is available in the common areas, and a certain number of rooms can reach it. Other rooms cannot, so those rooms have an ethernet cable in the room. If you have a Retina MBP, or any laptop without an ethernet port, be as prepared as possible. That means either an adapter, or a personal router.

I’m in the air right now and will land around 7pm Pacific.

What a day and we finally made it to Vegas!

Hit the ground running at 6:55 am! Had not been to Vegas in 10 years. Has changed alot!

We had a good day exploring The Strip, and went to a fantastic BBQ restaurant in the evening:

Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight!

I’m in the air - see you all soon!

Will be there around 8pm tonight. Is there anything we need to do tonight to check in/signup for anything?

Come see me at the registration desk on the 2nd floor by ballroom 5 from 7 to 9pm or come by in the morning to check in. See you soon!

Thanks Dana!

Waiting for my plane from Orlando. I’ll be landing at 6:50pm. If you’d like to share a cab post here and email me your cell phone number at

I’m at LAS waiting for my baggage as I type this. I’ll share a can in the off-chance somebody is here now too.

Finally made it here.

Checked in. Waiting for the tech to come reset the network connection. Then off to join the festivities.

Registration is open a little early. Come see us on the 2nd floor!

I’m here… Finally!

After 10 o’clock, but I made it.

Get some sleep fellas. Tomorrow is a big day.

Wish i would be there, too. Maybe next year. Have a great time.