Border not visible in TextField / Boxex


Can anyone please help newbie…

I am using xojo on Fedora 32 and trying to convert old project to 64 bit.
When I try to use any Boxes / TextField bottom border is not visible unless height is set to 34 or more.
They are not visible even in Xojo IDE.
Tired searching forums but could not get to any solution…

I believe you’ll need the modgtk3 package. Instructions and files can be found here.

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, adding an external module for compilation is not a possible choice for us.
We are trying to keep the App at minimum as it performs some complex calculations and so
need all the hardware resources it can have during execution.

Is there any other solution or
do you know if we can expect gtk+ solved in future xojo releases, so as to get the Linux graphics in order without any additional external modules ?

Appreciate your feedback and help.

What version of Xojo are you using?

I don’t have experience using Linux, but according to this thread, Greg said:

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