Bokeh Effect

It’s not mine actually… I got it from Always Busy Corner. Link in my previous post. The how-to is very good documented.
When you want to apply a real bokeh effect you have to guess which pixels belong to the subject following some color values and blur the rest.

Look at this website. Specialised in bokeh effects.

[quote=73281:@Jeff Tullin]I see that Photo Booth ‘cheats’ on this one, as it doesn’t actually ‘detect’ the background from a standing start. (and doesn’t do Bokeh either, at least on my copy)

Many interesting and profitable things are done by cheating :-). The point here is that if you can mask out the area you want in focus, you can apply whatever filter you want to the rest. Focus on that first part.

I do not know who revived this old thread. However, I think (with respect for Xojo) that creating a “bokeh” effect is outside the reach with what is possible to Xojo.

If I need a bokeh effect, then I use a long distance setting together with the great diafragma (2.8 or 4) to get a blurred background. Also focussing a little bit more in front of the subject can help getting that extra touch.

There are enough applications which let you add the bokeh effect. However, the flickering problem on Windows alone, make Xojo completely useless for this kind of application.

I am glad this old thread is revived because it is a very interesting subject in my opinion.

It should be possible on a picture to apply a blur more intense outside of a shape, mimicking somewhat the bokeh effect. But in fact, it is probably extremely complex to have an actual equivalent of a bokeh lens, because it emphasizes lights in a way that would require more than a simple gaussian blur.

That may be so, but I can assure you that NO PhotoShop or the like filter can EVER replicate what a polarizing filter can do attached to the lens :slight_smile:

True but a polarizer filter is not used to blur things. A polarizer is used to remove glare from a surface, get nice blue skies and even see through the water surface. When used properly it also removes reflections. I use it for having more vivid colors in my photographs.

If I want to blur the surrounding background, I use a teleobjective together with a wide diafragma. I am still convinced that the true bokeh effect can only be accomplished with a lens, not with Photoshop, Affinity Photo or any other application. I only use the complete manual mode on my camera.

Some things are done better by a creative person than even the most powerfull computers.

In the good old times, Bokeh effect was obtained with special lenses with enough astigmatism out of focus that made it very recognizable. Still today, I frankly doubt emulating that by software can quite produce such an awesome effect.

But, yet, there seems to be many filtersfor Photoshop :