async and interactive shell in windows?

Just to be sure… When it was suggested to go to R2 that was 2013 R2 yes not 2012 R2?

Well here is the project from Mr Yu… Doesn’t work for me.
link text

No data available events still…

I’m into day 3 of this nightmare.

sad news… its a different bug…

FOUND A WORKAROUND!!! :slight_smile:
So simple…
Add a timer and call poll on the shell causes events to behave!!!

At the moment I don’t have a windows machine to test on.
but the timer event calling poll should cause things to work.
I have heard of situations where the command that one is shelling to doesn’t use stdout as its device and that causes issues.
May I suggest you try changing the command in the shell prompt?
Also try writing a newline to the shell as that sometimes causes the shell to purge its buffers.