Apple push notifications in Xojo iOS app

No sweat! Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Greg did a session at XDC on this and how we set this up

How you set up remote notifications? Or local notifications? I already posted classes for local notifications, although come to think of it I don’t think they are in iOSKit right now.

We did remote notifications to Passbook, not to an individual app.

Any updates on RemoteNotification?

any chance xojo can help jason here?

The issue is not that I can’t figure it out, but that I haven’t had the time to finish putting it together yet. I should be able to finish this at the of the month, but until then you will have to wait unfortunately.

I know Jason, i just have the feeling that there is a lot of xojo users wanting this and it might be unnecessary stressful?

Maybe the MBS plugin of Christian Schmitz has already something for it?
Made it also for OS X years ago!
I need this also early next year…

well we can’t use plugins for iOS.

Has someone update the Jason project with last API ?

@Jason King : the project you shared does not compile in the current Xojo compiler; any chance of an update?
Or did anyone else manage to update it? There are several “Type Mismatch error. Expected UInt32, but got Ptr” Errors.

Where are you seeing these errors, and can you give more details on what files are causing them? you might need to update the modules folder with the latest version of iOSKit from github

@Jason King : Here’s the screenshot with errors when compiled with Xojo 2019R3.1 on Catalina;

That’s is the solution Boudewijn.

@Jeremie Leroy : Thanks Jeremie. If you don’t mind me asking; which items do I need to copy over?

@Jason King: Any chance of getting the improved iosapplication updated?

Delete the Foundation module from “improved iosapplication”.

Copy “iOSKit” folder from iOSKit project to “improved iosapplication” project.

Forgive my ignorance, but my iOSKIT does not have a IOSkit folder, only an IOSKit Master, and within there, the Modules folder. When I add those, I end up with 794 errors, which is why I asked if it might be possible to get an update from @Jason King

Open the project then youll see the folder in the ide