Any live web projects out there?

Valery, it looks great! Congrats. is written entirely in Xojo

Thanks for all your replies. I’ve been developing desktop and iOS apps for many years and haven’t done serious development in WE yet but you’ve shown me that it’s certainly possible to produce responsive, very functional web apps in Xojo.

Looks like we’ve crashed Bob’s training area. Oops.

[quote=77077:@Guy Rabiller]…/… Btw, I have a few issues with some browsers, just to let you know:

  • Safari Mac/Windows: WebAnimator does not work.
  • Firefox Mac/Windows: OK
  • IE 11: WebStyle gradients does not work, WebAnimator does not work
  • Chrome: WebAnimator does not work.[/quote]
    I must have done something wrong at first, because now all is working correctly in all browsers, except for the WebStyle gradients in IE 11 (I only get flat color, but that will be easily fixed with CSS injections.).

Sorry about the noise.


Hi Valery,
are you using the Taylor’s web custom controls or pure Xojo code ?



@luciano monti
I’m using Taylor’s web custom only for custom weblistbox (cell with image).
Except this, all the webcontrols I use are mine :slight_smile:
Of course, I also use js frameworks (for graphs for example)

I have a Gas Station Application on Web Base back office

Is running on 8 Station with PostgreSQL and all Station Sync to the Main Back Office

[quote=77071:@Guy Rabiller]…/… This is a new website for my company I’m working on:
(It’s on Xojo Cloud for testing purposes but the final site will end up on our own server probably).[/quote]
Just moved at


Hi Valery,
I’ve try to log in but looks like that the password is expired.
is it possible still have a look ? It seems very amazing !



Just WOW! Nice one!

Thanks Sascha.
(still a lot of work to do though, as you may have noticed and it is temporarily on a slow server)

Use the passcode; please

And this one

( moved to a faster server, it should not crash anymore if you all want to check it at the same time :wink: )
( also, note that this website is still under heavy construction, don’t be surprised if it is often killed/restarted )

I have watched many videos from Bob’s WE app and it works well.

Another live site is It lets the user configure an electric meter to his exact requirements and gives him model number, pricing, specifications etc and allow him to order the meter.

GeoCatch simple tool to geocode and create Maps. Currently only in German, later also in English.

Just copy your address-data from Excel, paste it into the app an create some cool maps!

@Horst Jehle: In the examples you show, you have PayPal actually working. Can you share the PayPal class here? All the classes i found so far failed.


Hi all, here my webapp develop 100% in Xojo. The promo page is joomla, when you go to login is start xojo.

Thanks, Scott. I appreciate it. I should note that this recently went to Xojo Cloud and there’s a slight change to the URL. It’s now