Add WebLabel at Runtime

[quote=138910:@Michel Bujardet]Right. It is my code, my decision.
Why do you insist so much ?[/quote]

I’m not - my post was exactly as I intended. It’s your code, do what you like! I’m not right/wrong - you do what works for you!!!

@Greg O’Lone - I’ll come back to your PM shortly, been offline for a while. This coffee shop working with no internet is really working for me!

Thanks Greg for this explanation and i hope you find some time for the redesign because i like the simple way this method worked (more or less).

When they showed up in July 2011 they seemed ok but issues with the design surfaced and those issues are, sadly, quite intractable.
Greg had only started in Feb 2011 but since then has become much more intimate with the design & the issues involved.
We’ve tried several times to fix those issues but they induce other issues and snowball into even worse issues.

There are plans to fix how you do this in the Web Framework update work we need to do to better support a whole host of things.
This is one of them.