A Utility to create Application Icons

did not mean to start a fire storm… perhaps it might be best to delete this, since everyone seems to already have “the best method” going for them.

@Dave S ,

That is exactly what you should NOT do!

Even when 1 or 2 people use your solution, at least you helped somebody. Don’t be disappointed because you expected your app to be more popular. You did your best and intended to help people which I really do like.

We mostly disagree with each other, however I appreciate you here on the forum.


@Dave S Don’t be a defeatist mate. You don’t always have to be the first to create a product, there’s nothing wrong with competing with existing products, with the right mind set you can create something different and bring features to help people. In fact many of the worlds most succesful brands and products, were not the first brands or products in that market. Heck look at all the VC based software farms that dominate the App Store, they scope out other peoples ideas and then set their low paid farmers on clone mode, what they save on R&D they blow on marketing. That’s how Samsung, Hyundai and other large companies have gotten where they are.

Here’s what I’d recommend you do.

  1. Do some market research; look at similar products, what are their prices, what are their features, what do people like about those products and what do people hate about those products.
  2. If you’re concerned about simply resizing bitmaps, what else can you do? I know that it’s possible in Xojo to open PDF and possible other vector formats and rasterize them at the different sizes, I know because I do this in Iconographer when the user chooses a vector image. p.s. I’ll leave it up to you as a lesson to figure out how.
  3. Get someone to design you a nice striking icon, one that stands out in a positive way and demands attention.
  4. Bribe @Tim Parnell to spend some time with your product, as he’s very meticulous when it comes to GUI design.
  5. Design a marketing program, how are you going to get people who need this tool, to know about this tool?
  6. Do it, work hard, make some money and prove to yourself at the very least you can do it.

Every single App developer needs an icon at least once in their life.

btw: If you clone Iconographer, I won’t be happy :slight_smile:

I would be interested once you a a Windows version.

My thirst thought when I’ve seen your project Dave. There are quite some free webservices available doing this for you if you should want to create icons this way.
But this doesn’t mean that you did not do a good job with Xojo, just more of the same available already.

Your marketing could also be better. Enlarged screenshots showing the output, especially in comparison with Xojo (and possibly other tools) are the first thing coming to mind.

I only create icons from a vector based file. That’s the only way to make crisp clear icons.
But if you have no resources to vector files or you can only find a bitmap version you really want, Daves utility can be veru useful indeed.
Keep up the good work, Dave !


bribe Tim with beer at XDC??

I have played with a number of icon development tools, and had to manually resize. Resulting icons to get ALL the fiddle bits need for the App Store. If writing apps in swift and Xcode you should play with Dave’s app for at least sixty seconds. Then compare this with the time taken to convert a . PNG file to the various sizes needed for watch, iPad, various iPhone models.
For me, this app seems ideal for my purposes.

One of the things I really like about this forum is the wealth of advice given by contributors. Even those who suggest alternative solutions, implying that one solution may have faults helps me learn more and adjust my thinking.

Now that Iconographer is gone, it’s perhaps mandatory to clone it…

I’m looking for a way to design icons for my applications and the forum mentions Iconographer several times. However, it’s gone so I don’t even know what it did exactly…

I’ve switched to using Affinity Designer and a circle icon template I found.

Thanks; I’ll try that.