2021r2 new release

Just downloaded and installed and Im using Graffit UI and MBS kind of heavily and everything is running real nicely so far.

Anyone running into any gotchas or oddities?

Im hearing pretty good feedback all around so far.



Just “converted” 3 projects - no problems here. Also MBS, Graffiti and a lot of others.

What I like most is that they fixed the IDE editor so that the first character of a selected block isn’t left out any more :star_struck: along with other nice things - see here: Editor Improvements

Also that text change thing helps a lot: Faster text project saving with fewer files marked as having changes.

It seems to be the BIG bug fix release before Android shows up :robot: - very nice.


Yes, some very welcomed bug fixes and enhancements in this release.

Please don’t count on it. There may be other items on the roadmap getting delivered first.

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No I don’t. No benefit for our revenue with Android anyhow. I think they want to secure themselves against the complainers when Android is delivered and a lot of old problems would stay in the backlog.

I am very satisfied with this approach.


Just found that something in the IDE seems to be broken. Compiled projects are OK.