embeded applescript ignored under catalina

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  2. 7 weeks ago

    Michel B

    Dec 5 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro

    @Andrew B well, of course AppleScriptTest.xojo_binary_project works, damnit. in fact everything works every step of the way except the share doesn't mount.

    There must be an error generated. Look a Console. Chances are it is there.

  3. 6 weeks ago

    Richard B

    Dec 8 Pre-Release Testers

    After hours of messing around trying to get a simple apple script to work from my App (it always worked from script editor)
    I eventually did the following and succeeded...

    1 Wrote script in Script Editor
    2 Tested script
    3 compiled and saved script
    4 QUIT SCRIPT EDITOR (or at least close the script..... this is the bit that had me going around in circles for hours!)
    5 Drag script into xojo
    6 Edit plist as suggested and drag into xojo
    7 reset apple events from terminal using (not needed really)
    8 run in debug and test

    I still had the script open in script editor and was getting all sorts of 'violations' and fails in Console.


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