Change the height of an iOSContainer

  1. 5 months ago

    Hi everyone,
    I'm quite new to Xojo and I have a problem with the usage of the iOSLayoutConstraint related to the height of an iOSContainer.
    I've created a iOSLayoutConstraint with the following code below:

    Dim dilcHeight As New iOSLayoutConstraint(self, _
    iOSLayoutConstraint.AttributeTypes.Height, _
    iOSLayoutConstraint.RelationTypes.Equal, _
    Self, _
    iOSLayoutConstraint.AttributeTypes.Height, _
    1, _

    where; Self = *myContainer*
    containerHeight = *integer value*

    This code is successfully compiled however the height of my container doesn't change.
    Why that? What I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for bad English! :D

  2. Jeremie L

    Oct 10 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers, MVP Europe (France) -
    Edited 5 months ago

    When creating the constraint your are referencing self to self and adding it to self.
    That won't work.

    To define the height of a container this should work:

    Dim Height As New iOSLayoutConstraint(ctrl, _ //ctrl is the iOSControl or iOSContainerControl
    iOSLayoutConstraint.AttributeTypes.Height, _ //Setting the height
    iOSLayoutConstraint.RelationTypes.Equal, _ //Defining as equal to something
    nil, _ 
    iOSLayoutConstraint.AttributeTypes.none, _ //None because the constraint isn't equal to another constraint
    1, aHeight) //aHeight is an Integer or Double
    parentView.AddConstraint(height) //parentView is the iOSControl or iOSView that is the parent of ctrl
  3. 4 months ago

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