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  1. 12 months ago

    Bill D

    10 Feb 2019 Pre-Release Testers Somewhere in the void
    Edited 12 months ago

    Once again, I'm modifying the example file for tabbed browser, I've got everything worked out except that when I start the app, the htmlviewer won't align to the left of the tabpanel...until I maximize the window using the window's controls. After that, shrinking/maximizing the window works perfectly with the htmlviewer resizing/positioning correctly.
    In the AddNewTab method, I have tried altering the default:

    browser.EmbedWithinPanel(BrowserTabPanel, page, 0, 22, self.Width, BrowserTabPanel.Height -50)


    browser.EmbedWithinPanel(BrowserTabPanel, page, 0, 22, 1145, BrowserTabPanel.Height -50)

    The reason for this is that with self.Width, the viewer behaves the same, but has no scrollbars. I chose 1145 so the viewer will fit the tabpanel properly and still show scrollbars (odd thing is that 1145 is a bit wider than the tabpanel, but if I size them the same then there's empty space beside the viewer in the tabpanel).
    It bears mentioning that this odd behavior only happens on a linux build. It works fine on windows.
    Also, I have the viewer and the tabpanel anchored at left, right, and top.

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