Wwise audio integration

  1. last year

    Has anyone ever integrations the wwise middleware audio engine into xojo ?

    Would it be possible do you think ? If anyone would care to look at this id be gratefuul


  2. Julian S

    8 Feb 2019 Xojo Pro UK

    It should be possible but it would be a fair bit of work.

  3. Thanks Julian. So not something a beginner could do then.

  4. Ulrich B

    9 Feb 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Germany, Berlin) · xo...

    I dare to say it would be a considerable amount of work even for a Pro like @ChristianSchmitz who does this kind of work all of the time. You saw the impressive class list in their documentation? Each class, each property and method would have to be rebuilt with Xojo declares. Not impossible, but nothing to create on a weekend or so.

  5. Julian S

    9 Feb 2019 Xojo Pro UK
    Edited last year

    @damon i Thanks Julian. So not something a beginner could do then.

    I wouldn't suggest it and another problem is I don't think there's enough of a "market" for the use of that system in xojo for someone else to take the time to implement it. In my honest opinion, I wouldn't class Xojo as a game engine sufficiently complex enough to warrant the use of such an audio system. This will open a lot more doors for you as a beginner than Xojo ever will, in my humble opinion.

  6. Thanks both. Totally understand, and realise its not a game engine such as unity. I just had a use case where wwise events engine with a simple interface would have been perfect.

    Thanks for your time

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