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  2. 6 months ago

    What does "INIfile" mean as I can not find it anywhere in the docs.

  3. Dave S

    7 Dec 2018 San Diego, California USA

    depends on what you defined it as... you won't find it in the docs, because it isn't an Xojo construct....
    If you cut/pasted that code from somewhere else, you need to read and understand the context in which it exists.

  4. It was from code Mark shared. That's what I am attempting to do. Is go through the code and understand how it works.

    Just found it. It is a string in a function.

  5. Mark S

    7 Dec 2018 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers

    INIfile is the full path to a configuration file that contains info your program might need. I included this code in the sample because I figured you might need to handle a configuration file in your final code.

    The error is probably because the file is missing in the folder where the EXE file exists when you are running it in debug mode.

    The INI File that I included called MyConfigSettings.ini is assumed to be in the same folder with the EXE file. The CopyFile setting in the Build Settings should copy the sample file to the same place the EXE file. Based on how you set up your folder structure is probably the issue.

    For now just comment out the call to the INIfunctions.GetKey in the App.Open event.

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