Table component / plugin

  1. 9 weeks ago

    Olaf W

    Sep 13 Pre-Release Testers


    does anyone know of a component or plugin or so to realize a table that allows to move cells from one row to the other using drag & drop?

    Something similar to this:

    Thank you!



  2. Björn E

    Sep 13 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Iceland

    I am guessing you will not find such off the shelf ready made.

    Its not terribly hard to create that one in pure Xojo code though.

  3. Olaf W

    Sep 13 Pre-Release Testers

    ...ok, thank you very much, Björn.

    Will try to find a way to get something like this implemented - no idea, how, but hope to find a way... ;-)

  4. Richard D

    Sep 13 Pre-Release Testers Europe (UK, London)

    i wonder if GraffitiNotes from GraffitiSuite is suitable???

  5. 8 weeks ago

    Paul L

    Sep 14 Xojo Inc

    You can drag and drop individual cells in a ListBox. This Xojo example might help you get started:


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