Zstd plugin Xojo


I wanted to know if it would hard to develop a plugin in Xojo for zstd

I have no prior experience developing a plugin for Xojo. Is there a documentation explaining basics/pitfalls ?

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Not impossible to make one.
Like build the library and make a class to wrap functions.

here is an open source example how to implement zlib in xojo/realbasic
this could help you to make a plugin for zstd

there are lots of other examples of interfacing in this github repository.


Thank you for the answers

You may also consider what you do with it and just run a command line tool via Shell function to do the compression in background.

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I’ll add a ZStdMBS class for next release.

Thank you Christian

I also have it already in the e-CryptIt Engine plugin, current version. (if that is able to help you)

Sorry Björn, I searched your website to whether you have it already and didn’t find it.
If I’d have found it, I may not have done this as I hate to duplicate existing stuff.

No need to be sorry my good friend !! You know its perfectly good and valid and good if you implement as well :slight_smile:

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