Zoom Security issue(s)

I know some folks here use Zoom (including myself) so I thought I would share this in case you have missed it:


just removed it to be sure.
Don’t forget hidden .zoomus folder in your user folder!

Done. Thanks !

Wow, their key “differentiator” over their competitors is a one click solution implemented by installing a web server on your system to get around an apple implemented security system thus opening your system to the incompetence of their devs whom seemingly don’t care about your security. Classy

Yikes. That’s a shame because after trying out most other video conferencing tools we’ve found Zoom to have significantly better sound and video quality.

Zoom has already released an update which removes the web server and goes back to using Apple’s security.

Sadly, unless this type of activity gets caught companies seem to be compelled to play games to gain some sort of perceived advantage. And in some cases just downright dishonest behavior.

I saw the Zoom warning earlier today. Some months ago I removed zoom but when I went looking today the Web server was still running.

Did you see the recent analysis that found over 1,000 Android programs that “phoned home” with private data even in some cases after denying the program rights to do so?

Honesty seems to be so pass these days.