nuf said.

@Brian O’Brien - are you using it? what all have you taken advantage of and do you like it? (One of my clients is considering it.)

Nope to me this is trademark ‘infringement’.

Founded in 1996, so that might be a hard case to make. But, I see your point!

Susan, I used Zoho once after Google stopped offering Gsuite for free. I haven’t used it lately, but as a free solution it was nice (for custom domain email at least). Is your client considering it for any of the other features?

We are considering it for the CRM functionality and if that goes well, we might tack on the project management bit. We are using a combo of Teamwork and JIRA right now, depending on what we’re doing, so it might be able to take over the Teamwork bit - especially if it is less expensive and the integration with the CRM works well.

Ah, I never used it that in-depth. I can set up a custom domain name email address through them, and that’s about all the experience I had :slight_smile:

After our near lawsuit with Salesforce and Intuit/Quickbooks over who owned our data, we have locked to a local data only model for all business practices.

If you go with something like this, be sure you know WHO owns the data that you store on their cloud. Also, what happens to that data if you leave their service - do they CHARGE you to send it to you in CSV format? Do they guarantee secure data deletion of any and all previously stored data if you leave (after they’ve sent it to you, of course)? Get their Sarbanes-Oxley compliance statement as well as a data breech recovery outline.

If you’re a small business or consultant with a few dozen to low 1,000’s of clients, services like this are pretty transparent. But when your client list crosses 10K, cloud services need to be very clearly understood.

Thanks for the tip, @Tim Jones ! We’re pretty small here, but your point is well taken. So sorry about the issues you experienced!

Yeah I found out a few weeks ago. https://forum.xojo.com/49135-beware-of-license-agreements