Zircon Switch

Anybody got the Zircon Switch (Thom McGrath) working on OSX?
I keep receiving message saying that ZirconSwitch.Mousedown does not return a value…

Hi Alex,

FYI, you can contact me directly from my website.

The downloads didn’t work out originally. Redownload and you’ll be fine. The class is essentially corrupted in the first batch of downloads.

OK Thom,

thanks for your fast reply. I will contact you if necessary on your site. I’ll try the new download.


Works like a charm! Well done. Looking forward to your next components…

About Zircon Switch:
It would be great if you could rescale the switch. The default size is a bit large. :slight_smile:

Best I could do is offer a size selector, such as “Mini”, “Small”, and “Regular” kind of like most Mac controls can do. Since the sides are fully rounded, pre-generated bitmaps cannot do a fully flexible height.

That would be great! I have some use for the Zircon Switch. But the default size now is just looking a bit too big for those projects.
Add the ‘Mini’, ‘small’ and ‘regular’ and I bought it for sure. :slight_smile:

BTW thank you for making your controls available (at low price). Always appreciated.

Those are nice but what I’d really like to see (and would be glad to pay for) is an explanation of how to make such things myself.

That’s kind of like trying to teach art. Is there an area you’d like some help with? Is it mouse tracking? Compositing graphics? Tracking state?

I’ve tried writing tutorials in the past, but every control is different, which makes generalizing difficult.

That said, I’ll see what I can come up with.

I too am interested in a version of the switch with selectable sizes. Looks handy.

I don’t even know where to start. What I prefer isn’t some long verbose discussion including 12 tangential discussions of slightly related issues. Really, just walking through the process of making one would suffice and in fact be preferred.

Hi Thom,

your switch is great. I like the customization part, colors etc. I see that the caption is put in upper cast default. Is that something to consider?

[quote=25467:@Alexander van der Linden]Hi Thom,

your switch is great. I like the customization part, colors etc. I see that the caption is put in upper cast default. Is that something to consider?[/quote]
Given the range of feature requests I’ve already received, yes, I think it makes leave to use the caption unaltered in the future. If you want uppercase, you can do that yourself very easily.


Just realized I made a very weird typo above :confused:

It would make more sense to read “I think it makes sense to leave the caption unaltered in the future.”

I think the caption is uppercase by default… can’t change it… if it were so I could make lowercase or uppercase indeed myself… :wink:

Ok, ZirconSwitch has been updated. Multiple control sizes, no more forced uppercase, and supports an indeterminate state. http://thezaz.com/code/zirconkit/switch/

Thom it works beautifully.

Of what sort of control? Making a simple custom button might be the easiest to begin with, but it would quickly diverge if what you wanted was a toggle, a progressbar, anything scrollable, a listbox, etc.


well done!