Zip document in Web wrapper

Hi, It’s my first web app in xojo.
I have some problems to get a zip document into a JS constant, I’m using Web wrapper and I need get the zip, I have been trying to put the URL of the document from a server and, but I have this error: Uncaught Error: Ajax error for : 404 NOT FOUND
Help me, please!!

You need to create a WebFile from your zip. Add a Webfile property to your WebPage or Session, and open the zip file, then use the WebFile URL, instead of the name of the zip, as you did.


Thanks you very much :smiley:
Now, I can upload the zip and put the url in my JS code, but now I have a problem with this : Uncaught ReferenceError: SHPParser is not defined

Do you know something about this error?

Looks like you are using a variable or calling a method in jS that does not exist.

You are right, I forgot uncomment my library, thanks you for all.