Your Web App Top 5 Feedback Cases

Xojo Web Apps are freaking amazing, but there are few issues that would make Web Apps even better.

My Top 5 Web Feedback Cases:

What are your top Web Feedback cases?

23041 may not be that easy to implement …

My Top 5 for Xojo Web

23041 - Please add PagePanel and Tab Panels controls to Web Projects <>
25373 - Add WebPopupMenu.LastIndex <>
19148 - Web Edition Add TreeView component <>
15365 - WebListbox should be sortable by column <>
31204 - add web splitter with draggable knob to resize two controls <>

But PagePanel is my absolute favorite

Good lists — things I have also had problems with. BTW, I posted code in this forum to work around 15365. Bob Keeney has solved 31204, but is updating it to allow multiple Web Splitters on one WebPage.