Your System took all the available Memory (in a 8GB M1)

I am starting to get this message these last days (less than a week).

Usually, I am doing a copy / paste of simple data (a file name) within TextEdit and this one freeze until it quits and show this window.

Always using the displayed applications (plus TextEdit); I had Opera open minutes ago when the window first appeared.

Last Monterey, Firefox, Xojo 21r2.1.

well firefox is (as always) eating a good part of the memory…

Yes (for both).

But unable to copy less than 30 text characters…

C’est fort de café.

After 4.5 hours of work (live text, download data - images jpg, archives, copy/paste text, running the Xojo project…, decompress rar archives…).

Maybe a reboot will be able to reset the trouble ?

If the window appears once more I will try that (I already left my project and Xojo from running).

Just close your Firefox, then, when reopening it, use it properly, as not having 10 useless tabs open.

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that’s for similar problems (slowdowns, ram usage) that I left firefox for opera a few years ago.
it was difficult at the time, but I don’t regret it …

Capture d’écran 2022-04-17 à 14.01.05

Opera has been opened weeks ago on my macbookpro…

Argh !!! If only 10 open tabs !

I have 29 windows with multiple opened Tabs each !

I’m under Firefox with 10 tabs opened on 8 different websites, 2 YouTube videos and 1 music stream and it’s using only 1.3GB. Firefox using 4.95GB seems like an INSANELY high amount of RAM unless all those tabs are 4K video streams or something. I would reboot if I were you! :stuck_out_tongue:


As Jean-Yves already said, this is common (possible) with FireFox.

Also, I am accustomed with this amount of used RAM.

Probably no You Tube, no stream (no music) all informations tabs, some from local disk most of all from the www.

I’ve never seen such a high amount of RAM used by Firefox here. I’ve been using it for 15 years. I sometimes leave my computers running with Firefox open for months, although when there is an update, I restart Firefox, but it usually goes for weeks without updates and it’s open 24/7.

If you’d like to solve your issue and it’s not already done, you might want to consider installing an ad blocker (e.g. uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus). This will greatly reduce the amount of RAM each web page takes (this suggestion is valid for any browser, not just Firefox).

On another note, I find it weird that Apple sells premium laptops in 2022 with only 8GB of RAM. This seems very, very low by today’s standards. My 10 years old PC has 32GB of RAM and although it does not even use half of it because I’m under Windows 7, I think 12GB is really a minimum for modern OS’es, especially if you watch 4K streams, which I cannot do here on 4.5mbps internet, but I’m sure 99% of readers here can :stuck_out_tongue:

Apps on M1 Macs take 2.5x more RAM than their Intel versions, at least that’s what my tests with Xojo made applications have revealed. If it is true for all ARM based Mac apps, then I am not surprised.

Also what we don’t know is if Apple include their GPU cached textures in the application memory usage or not. With Apple’s triple buffering, it makes sense. Each window is effectively is cached twice.

consider 8GB M1 Mac is equivalent to 16GB intel i7-i9 processor

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^ That’s his problem. It’s called hoarding disorder. :laughing:

8GB is not enough for such “web behavior”.


As usual, you are correct.

But I work with this computer (and other before it) since feb 2020 and gradually add windows and tabs.

Now Monterey (or me ?) is starting to have troubles…

Yes, I will remove useless and duplicated tabs and windows.


Your computer, and you, will appreciate it.
Your browser have a tool called “Bookmarks” (Marque-pages), that you can organize pages you may want to visit again, and you can create “folders” to organize them. Put those things there instead of keeping them open for ages without use. :wink:

I used that - long time ago - too widely and… never found what I was searching (like today).

Difference ? Used RAM.

The idea is… I will go back there soon and “soon”… tooks times…

Thanks for the tips.

I use the “Add to Reading List”… but I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve actually read one of those links :joy:


Bookmarks have a part you can set a description of the content (Nom), and a search feature (Rechercher), so if you are looking for pages you collected in the past about “xojo local functions” you can type “xo fun” and it will appear in the list, then you just double click on it.


I agree. I make extensive use of this search behavior and I highly suggest it over opening all the bookmarks at once lol :stuck_out_tongue:

TL;DR In a nutshell, you can name your bookmarks ANYTHING you want and instantly look them up by typing in the URL bar. No need to keep 27 tabs open, especially on a computer that only has 8GB of RAM in 2022 (!!)

For instance, let’s say you are shopping for a lawn mower. You want to keep one lawn mower in particular in your bookmarks, but you fear you will lose it among a bunch other lawn mower bookmarks you made before, so what do you do? You name the bookmark “The super nice one” and then when you want to retrieve it, you can literally type any part of “The super nice one” in the URL bar e.g. I type “super nice”, just as if you would search on Google or whatever search engine and then Firefox (like most browsers) will suggest all the bookmarks that contain the keyword(s) you typed in the URL bar, so that lawn mower page you bookmarked before will appear at the top of the suggestions. You don’t have to remember anything about this super nice lawn mower, since you clearly named the bookmark to something you can easily remember (“The super nice one”).