Your favorite RB/RS/Xojo IDE version for coding and why?

What did you like and/or dislike about particular versions…
I’ve been here since 2006, and don’t really remember the nuances in the past… (I don’t remember breakfast either)

5.5 and prior
inspector, control palette etc were all floating palettes (something that has never reappeared)
written in C++ so it was pretty fast
written in C++ so engineers didnt use it all day every day and may not see bugs in it

2006 - 2012
single window so it was all compact
tabs stayed focus on one item and could not be shifted about

single window which drove those of us that used the older versions nuts as the palettes were all gone

2013 - now
navigator gives decent overview
llvm based compilers

navigator isnt needed in every tab
navigator isnt fast enough

RealStudio 2011r4.3 is what I’ve been using since it came out. I like it because it’s new enough that things like AddHandler are available (introduced in 2010r4), but old enough to avoid the extra DLLs that RS2012+ always generate. It still will generate plugin DLLs if you use plugin features in the app, but it’s possible to generate a standalone executable if you’re careful. I also prefer the old-style IDE layout over the Xojo layout.

This is still in Xojo… I too thought it wasn’t, but PREF->GENERAL->SHOW LIBRARY AND INSPECTOR

I never saw any version prior to 2006

thats only those two
the project browser and everything was all in floating palettes which let you put all the palettes on one monitor & everything else on another
its not quite the same
you can see some of it in the old RB:TDG from Matt Neuberg

But remember the Tips window and being able to see all the method overloads?.. i REALLY miss that still.


2017R3 It generates the fastest 64-bit code of all the versions for number crunching applications.

:slight_smile: I was asking more from a project managment point of view… layout, coding etc…

Sorry Dave. You asked us what we liked or disliked about particular versions. And 2017R3 produces great 64-bit scientific applications, so that is important to me.

Frankly, my favorite version for coding is 5.5.

I had a love story with RB 2007R3 for a while. At the time, that was all I needed, so I did not renew for a couple years.

What made you change to a new version, and which one do you prefer now?

Probably the same as the rest of us… The compiler and other features were more required

5.5 was what i liked best… Got used to RealStudio… While it has improved, my least favorite is still the Xojo IDE.

  • karen

Same for me.

I upgraded to 2005r1 (I think it was that) and it tooks me months to force me to left 5.5.5.

It tooks me years to forget my 5.5.5 (and prior) habits.

I came to REALbasic prior the first release, in early 1998.

If I remember right, I had to change to comply with Apple requirements.

Since then, I cannot tell which version of the IDE I like most.

I do like the Xojo IDE in general, though. I find it much cleaner than the RB one.