You will soon be able to respond to MAS reviews

For those of you who avoid social media at all costs, todays rumor is:

Good and bad - now we’ll not only be able to see misinformed or malicious reviews, but also the argument that ensues when the developer explains why the reviewer is confued / wrong / ungrateful.

No sure this is a good thing. This probably will be a ‘full time job’ defending your apps. :slight_smile:

will depend on the reviews and what you want to say/do with them. If you only get 1 bad review (or non-perfect) review a month and gets lots of good ones, it shouldnt take too much time out of your schedule to respond to it. Now if you are getting lots of bad reviews, then that is another story.

It is already possible to reply to review in the Windows Store. Not sure the developer replies are read, though. One has to click to see the reply.

It is better than nothing. Especially useful when reviews are visibly malevolent.

This is the best app in the world. It gets more sales than any previous apps. All my friends agree.
You may say it has bugs, but I have some alternative facts here…

[quote=311693:@Jeff Tullin]This is the best app in the world. It gets more sales than any previous apps. All my friends agree.
You may say it has bugs, but I have some alternative facts here…[/quote]

Did I heard that from the white house recently ?


I think it’s great news. I will still try and channel customer feedback/complaints to email where I can give a more personal response (i.e. tell them they’re wrong, but in private). At least now if they do leave a negative review, I can give some sort of response rather than let the review put people off for years to come.

While I appreciate the humor in this please lets keep politics OFF the forums as its like to be incendiary

Bad reviews, especially when they are redacted to hurt, can really stop sales. At one point, I found that creating a new title is a way to wipe out those scars, and added bonus, since they are viewed as new software, they get more exposure and that boosts the sales.

Of course, people who bought the older title will not get updates. For the very few who request support, I can still provide a download.

My thoughts are: Say nothing at all, or be extremely careful in what you say. It’s best to let the customer have the last word, as painful as that may seem.

I found that in fact, some customers post nasty reviews because they simply did not understand how to use the product. For instance, in Check Writer III, to print 3 checks per page requires storing them with “Print later”, before actually printing three per page.

Call it limited minds, some people expect to go “print” and magically see three checks printed. On one occasion, a guy who even pretended to be a developer ranted about not being able to print three per page, and another user told him how to do it.

In such a case, politely replying to tell how to print three per page makes sense.

In other cases, where users complain a feature is missing, it seems legitimate to tell that new feature has been implemented.

I also had to endure completely false complaints, visibly malevolent, which I strongly suspect, come from competitors. One such is “not customizable” (entire post). All elements of the check can be moved anywhere, fonts and size be changed, and any element printing can be suppressed. I call that highly customizable, and none of my competitors have that. It looks suspiciously like someone wanted me bad.

No, it’s not alright to let false reviews influence the public. No, it’s not alright to let some people abuse you.

In a brick and mortar shop, a disorderly customer can expect to be evicted. Someone who draws graffitis on the glass window can be prosecuted. On the Internet, we still have to find ways to alleviate customers abuse.

At any rate, I won’t let lies spread about my products. Would it be by replying, or simply starting over with a clean slate. Better no reviews than a pile of manure.