You sunk my ... Contest

Last year we had the You Sunk My Battleship Code Contest.
What will this year be?
When do we get our assignment?
XDC 2014 is coming soon, so hopefully we’ll have some time to code to our hearts content.
Or not :wink:

Glad you are excited about the code competition! We will announce the details of the contest next month, as we are working on the specifics now. We’ll give you plenty of time to work on it though! You have such a long flight, Dirk, I’m sure it will be a great way to pass the time! :slight_smile:

Is this code competition only for XDC attendees?

I hope there’s a way to determine your opponent this year. Last year mine had AI to learn and track the opponents strategy. Which didn’t really help when it was set up as a large random draw matchup and you couldn’t tell which opponent you were playing.

I think it’s better not having the ability to know to opponent. This kind of competition can be boring without a grain of randomness.
OK, this also mean your program can score better than other and loose the competition in a a single final match, like happened to me last year. :wink:

Yes this is an XDC event.