You see, programmers aren't wizards...

They’re sourcerers.

I am going to hunt you down…

And cast a HEX on you

Dave, do you speak any German?

no… why?

Dave lives in California so of course he knows German :stuck_out_tongue:

Hexe is the German word for witch…

Hexe (German) = witch (english)

and HEX is a normal nomenclature for a “spell” in all folklore I’ve read

Ah, now I got it!

What’s this?
char naive = (char)0xF0;

Answer: Casting a hex on an unsuspecting character.

I am going to hunt you down with a vengeance…

I will donate to the Kem Tekinay Witchhunt Fund.

It’s obvious from Kem’s glasses: he has something to hide!

A programmer was on his way out of the house when his wife said ‘While you’re out, pick up some milk.’

The programmer never returned.

Regarding programming: hexadecimal :wink:

Why would I want to hex a decimal? They’ve done nothing to me.
Now a floating point…that’s a whole different base of issues.