You need a build license …

I’ve been a Xojo user for many, many years, and have the Desktop license, which I’m using on macOS. I’ve been writing apps for macOS and R-Pi (R-Pi since mid 2017 only).

I didn’t work on the R-Pi from Jun 2018 until Sep 2019, by which time I’d upgraded from Xojo 2018r1.1 to Xojo 2019r1.1. I also moved from High Sierra to Mojave on the Mac during this interval.

Since Sep 2019 I have found an annoying problem every time I try to build the R-Pi app (it doesn’t happen if I build for macOS): a popup window appears saying “You need a build license … Would you like to purchase one?. This project requires a Single Board Computer license …” There is more text followed by buttons for Sign In, Cancel and Purchase.

If I click Sign In, the build process starts as the web page loads. I don’t actually have to sign in on the web page. But the same happens every time I try to build – I can end up with dozens of open tabs for the sign in.

I am signed in in the Xojo app, and the licenses panel shows me that my license is up to date. My Desktop license apparently includes the R-Pi (according to Xojo’s product information page).

I had hoped this problem would disappear with Xojo 2019.2, but it didn’t.

This is pretty annoying and I’d ike to find a solution.


That sounds a bit similar to the license problems I had with Catalina. You need to contact support.

Some time ago they changed the Pi license, now is free:

Don’t know if that has something to do with your problem, but if you follow the link you are asked to email them to get a license. So, the best answer is by Beatrix, email Xojo and they will help you fix the problem even on a free license.

Yep. You just need to ask a Free PI License.

This is likely a side effect of the fact that at the time when you purchased your license, pi was not included. As others have stated, contact us at so someone can help you with this.