You need a build licence?

XOJO has all of a sudden started asking me to buy a build licence. I already have one. I have tried deauthorizing the current licence and signing out and back into XOJO but it still states I need a build licence to build and to purchase one or sign in.


Sending an email to support has not been possible as my email has been flagged as spam and cannot be delivered.

Here is the content of the email.

I have a problem with XOJO in that it states I need a build license to build my app. I have one. It is the Windows Lite Build License. This started happening when I inserted a BuildStep to copyfiles. I put the word Databases in the Subdirectory field for the app and now it when I try to build it throws the message that I need a build License. I thought SQLite was part of the Windows Lite purchase?

Can any assistance be offered?

If you can still log into the Xojo site and view your licences, you can download the licence.
Once it is downloaded, when you open Xojo, the licences screen will let you browse for it, using the ‘Add’ button

After doing as you have requested it is wanting a Databases License now? I’m just using SQLite?

please try to remove the other database plugins in the plugins folder and restart xojo

That worked. I only removed the MBS SQL Plugin. That’s no good to me though as I need to use the MBS Plugin for my app. I am only using the SQLite commands for the MBS Plugin.

You could remove all the Xojo-supplied plugins for other databases, if you’re not using them. That also makes the IDE launch more quickly.


Well, for MBS Xojo SQL Plugin, the database license should only be triggered if you use SQLDatabaseMBS class with RecordSet/RowSet. If you use only SQLConnectionMBS, it should not trigger the license.