You find the docs short on explanations?

You can buy documents from the xDevLibrary in the Wish I Knew How to… Collection by Eugene Dakin.

The link is:

BTW: no, I am not affiliated to the above, but reading the docs seems to be something hard to do thes days, so now Newbies have a second source secially targeted to them.

Good readings.

Thanks for the kind words Emile.

Thank you Emile.

Maybe the wrong place to write it but I just see that in the Help menu of Xojo, the two menus “Online Language Reference” and “Online Documentation” open the same link

This is the home documentation web page; you go everywhere from there.

On the other hand, who do not know xDev ?
(The Xojo Magazine)

Oh, you ? Issue a search in this forum to get the quarterly [ANN]

Next issue in 15 days (approx).

As I already said: I am not affiliated to xDev.

This is a free advertising.

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