Yosemite: Option-Esc in Xojo IDE fields

Did you tried to press Option-Esc in Xojo IDE fields lately ?
Yosemite here, previous (Mavericks) version(s) need to be checked.

If you get a “Typing Help“ vertical rect, please express yourself.

If you think you have a bug, file a report.

Hi Greg,

I saw bugs everywhere, so what I think is a bug is not important.

I will try to fill one.

Emile, what is Option Esc suppose to do??

I do not recall. I started to use Tab in a multimedia project, then - the day after - I realized that I also need to go thru the Controls, so I changed to cmd-tab, then cmd-tab is used by the OS, then I falled into alt-tab - was wrong too ? - and, at last I used alt-esc I think.

This spans on height years, I think, and this explains why I do not really recall the whole process.

Actually, I am inside the middle of a laptop change (sort data that was on the ITB internal HD of the previous laptop) and this is trully a boring task.

On the other hand, that “new” OS Feature have to be removed IMHO: not relevant for the Xojo IDE.

On the same kind: I used - long time ago - cmd-R to Resize images and when Apple added the AirDrop feature, I had to change my keyboard short cut. Now, this is the AirDrop feature that changed from WiFi to BlueTooth !!!

I just check it:

the application, I used to check the behavior, was created with Xojo 2013r3 on 2013-09-21 (under Mavericks, I suppose). That application displays the ‘bad’ behavior.

Option-Esc allows me to issue a Tab char in a TextArea (vs the Tab key that allows me to go to another TextArea, a ListBox or a… Canvas) and display the weird behavoir (certainly a Yosemite new feature).

I do not know what new shortcut I will use (and so I will have to stop associate the ‘old’ one in my mind with the Tab key…) to put a Tab key in my software. As all already knows, this is a tricky task since some keyboard shortcuts are taken by the OS, WebKit (HTMLViewer), etc.

A keypress on the Esc key alone is enough to activate the TextArea “new feature” (both IDE and Standalone, even on older Xojo version compiled applications, kudos to Apple ?).